Beth McDonough News Reporter Gets 2nd DWI Arrest

Many people know Beth McDonough as a KMSP Fox 9 News Reporter. You might have seen her on Television Reporting on hard crime issues. She is a very sharp, motivated and productive person who has now made a couple of mistakes. Beth has a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Political Science from Central Oklahoma. She won a life threatening battle against cancer in 1995 and has hiked along the great wall of China.

Beth McDonough has also been nice enough to donate to some of the most prestigious charities which include the The National Cancer Society, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and several other well know charities. However, Beth McDonough received not her first but her second DWI arrest right before Halloween this year. She was released on $1,200 Bail right after Halloween. She was arrested in Minnetonka Minnesota.

Beth McDonough’s first arrest was about 15 months ago, also for a DWI which stands for Driving While under the Influence of an intoxicant, which is usually drugs. Part of her probationary terms required that Beth wouldn’t get in any more trouble. Now that she has, her fate is currently up in the air. Law Enforcement in the Minnesota area plans to file charges against Beth within a week or so.

So what can average everyday working people learn from this incident. We all know from the recent O.J. Simpson Trial that no one is above the law. We also know this from other high profile court cases. The pattern that I see with these types of high profile criminal cases is that people who have money and have things easy usually like to take things over the edge and truly want to experience life to its fullest, without any respect for the law.

But Beth McDonough is not alone. I imagine millions of U.S. Citizens drive around either under alcohol or drugs each year, however only a very small portion of these people get caught. Hopefully Beth will learn a lesson from her 2nd arrest and will be overly cautious. It’s no mystery that lawyers and doctors and professionals from all walks of life use illegal drugs, but the ones who seem not to get caught are the ones who get high or drunk in the privacy of their own homes. We wish Beth the very best and hope she takes advantage of this mistake to do better for herself.

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