Do you need Airbnb travel insurance for guests?

Although property management for Airbnb is well thought out, no one is 100% insured against reservation failures. Guests may have unforeseen issues or may have to cancel their trip at the last minute. Guests can request a refund, but it is not always successful. If owners are unaccommodating in such situations, it may affect their reputation and Airbnb host reviews. In the Airbnb rules, it is stated that the landlord sets the cancellation rules.

Guests can take out insurance to avoid problems. The insurance policy makes it possible to refund 100% of the booking amount on Airbnb if the cancellation occurred for a good reason. Cancellation takes place strictly according to the rules, so both guests and landlords are happy.

Features of travel insurance

Airbnb travel insurance works for guests from nine European countries. But the service is developing, so in the near future we can expect insurance for visitors from other countries.

To ensure you have insurance in place you should:

  • Make sure  insurance is added at the time of booking the property;
  • Familiarize yourself with the policy information;
  • Pay for the booking and insurance to ensure it’s all in place.

Once payment has been made, information about the insurance, along with terms and conditions, is sent to the user’s email. Policies may vary depending on the user’s location.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Airbnb management service.

What is included in the insurance?

The insurance reimburses 100% of the reservation to the guest. But the money can only be refunded if a valid reason for the cancellation has been established. If the guest simply changed their mind, the amount will not be refunded. The insurance conditions indicate what reasons are valid, for example, the cancellation of a flight due to weather conditions or an unforeseen illness that does not allow you to travel.

The guest should receive the full amount of the reservation. If the lessor has decided to reimburse only half of the amount, the insurance company pays the other half. At the same time, the landlord does not owe money to the insurance company. This cancellation method is essential for all Airbnb users as it ensures all parties are protected.

Please note that currently, coronavirus is no longer included in the list of causes that relate to insurance claims. In such cases, which are not covered by insurance, cancellation occurs according to the rules established by the landlord. They can return part of the amount or refuse to return it completely.

However, the insurance can refund the money for the reservation if the guest has COVID-19. A doctor with a license must confirm this.

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