No News is Good News…

That assertion should be valid, on the grounds that the main news I hear on the radio or see on TV is the terrible information; passing, murder, attack, car crashes, bombs, mutilation, and so on, and so forth. Is it true or not that anyone is else worn out on hearing only awful?

While heading to work today I was standing by listening to a CD by my #1 band which, a large number of my standard perusers will be aware, is Rush. As I moved toward my work environment I chose to turn on the radio and get an earful of the morning news. The Rush melody, High Water – an elevating song of devotion of life – had quite recently finished and I changed to the radio. The primary words I heard out of the commentators mouth were “…bound, choked, wounded and stuffed into a storage room.”

The report was about the passing of a Bronx lady, Anna Rodriguez. Her family had a go at reaching her after she neglected to appear for a family arrangement. That is a miserable story, no positive aspect regarding that by any means. Miserable that journalists simply heave the bloody subtleties. However, you know what, that is the very thing that makes the appraisals right?

Did the reporter circle back to a decent story? No, she proceeded to specify, unassumingly, that the organizer behind the Hooters chain of cafés had passed on at 69 years old. No reason for death had been given.

At that point I had arrived at my objective so I couldn’t see if the following news thing would be positive or negative, yet I could make a shot in the dark.

Do we appreciate hearing the terrible news? In some way or another perhaps we do. Finding out about another’s downfall appears to affirm that we most definitely have once more dodged the grasp of death, for the present.

Yet, think about this… It is expressed that everything incline toward disarray. News sources who spread generally awful news just assistance to affirm this hypothesis. In the event that they detailed uplifting news all the more frequently they could assist with propagating goodness, and really emphatically affect our general public rather than negative one. There’s no benefit in revealing uplifting news however, what sells is a side show, the grimy clothing and the loss of life.

Something to think about.

Drew Vics is a craftsman, performer and essayist from Norther New Jersey. His work of art has been highlighted in neighborhood papers, and he composes articles and now and again clever editorials for different sites. Drew delivered a CD of his unique music named No More Waiting. His music can be found on iTunes and other music download destinations.

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